Guided Self-Hypnosis Recordings

Kristin’s guided self-hyponosis audio recordings are available as both downloadable MP3 files and physical audio CDs.

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weight loss hypnosis

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stress relief hypnosis

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stop smoking hypnosis

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relaxation techniques hypnosis

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end insomnia hypnosis

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sports performance hypnosis

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inner peace hypnosis

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successful parenting hypnosis

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healing and pain control hypnosis

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enhanced memory hypnosis

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healing from loss hypnosis

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enhanced learning hypnosis

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fear of flying hypnosis

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self esteem and confidence hypnosis

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stop smoking hypnosis package

3 CDs

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"This book has worked for me."
By Jim94 on May 24, 2012

"This book has really worked for me and I continue to refer back to it, for it's wisdom. You will find no magic foods or diets, only tools and training to achieve weight loss success. It took a couple of readings before I could open up and write down my feelings. Kristen gently leads you to deal with the reasons you overeat. I have lost 100 lbs and continue to keep it off with exercise and the tools in "As Thin as You Think"."

New Health Visions Full Line of Hypnosis Audios

Our time-tested and highly effective hypnosis audios will allow you to experience life-changing self-hypnosis in the comfort of your home or office.  Our hypnosis MP3 downloads can be purchased and used immediately to get you started on your self- improvement journey.   However, if you prefer to not use the MP3 format,  CD's can easily and quickly be mailed to your home.