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“As Thin As You Think” Weight Loss Packages

Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed. CCH

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Stop working so hard to lose weight…

What doesn’t work

Traditional diets are about looking at the outside world: what you buy at the grocery store, what gym to join, the numbers on the scale. As long as you keep your focus on the outside, you will go on and then off the diet. You will lose and then gain the weight. If nothing on the inside (your heart and mind) changes, you will stay stuck on the failure plan of diets.

True change happens from the inside out

Kristin’s approach helps you to lovingly address the cause of your weight problems. It is not just about what foods to eat and how to exercise, but also about what you have innocently internalized in your heart and mind. With gentleness, Kristin will help you heal the unconscious mistaken beliefs that have led you to overeat.

When you change on the inside, the reflection you see in the mirror changes.

The three most frustrating problems people experience when they want to lose weight:

  1. You have very good intentions and have tried lots of ways to lose weight, but you end up more frustrated than ever
  2. You feel powerless when it comes to junk food or sweets
  3. You know WHAT to do, but you find it virtually impossible to keep yourself on track…which has left you feeling helpless and like a failure.

What you really want instead:

  • You are at your perfect weight and you LOVE how you feel and how you look
  • Your energy levels have gone through the roof and you feel unstoppable
  • You easily and naturally choose the foods that keep you healthy and looking young
  • Your friends keep saying, “What did you do? You look fabulous! How did you do it?”
  • You’ve gone shopping and your new clothes feel and look fabulous on you
  • Your newly found confidence flows into all areas of your life and everything just works better – your finances, your career, your creativity, your excitement about life. You’re feeling JOY again!

These objectives are actually quite reachable when you have a simple, practical approach that doesn’t require willpower or a lot of time or money

If you’re like most people today, you have already made the costly investment of both and have been devastated to find the weight creep back up again.

The profound change to permanent weight loss simply requires a small willingness to begin the journey.

What’s unique about Kristin’s approach?

Kristin has combined over 25 years of counseling and hypnotherapy experience with expertise in the newest information on metabolism and nutrition. She can quickly help you target your needs and easily get you on the most unique and effective weight loss journey of your life. Her individual and group sessions have helped thousands achieve the body of their dreams. Let her help you program your mind for the success you deserve!

Is this for you?

If any of these describe you, you WILL LOVE Kristin’s effortless and permanent approach to weight loss:

  • You’ve tried lots of ways to lose weight, and end up more frustrated than ever
  • You feel powerless when it comes to junk food or sweets
  • You dread going to the closet – it is a living record of your failed attempts
  • Your energy level is so low you can’t even dream of exercising
  • You don’t look in full length mirrors and forget about letting anyone take your picture!

So you’re interested…what’s next?

Kristin is currently offering three different options:

Package 1: The Book

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1. As Thin As You Think: Discovering the Keys to Unlocking Your Weight Loss Power

Pre-order your special autographed copy of Kristin’s soon-to-be-released book now. Books will be shipped at the end of July.

This book is the culmination of Kristin’s over 25 years experience helping individuals effortlessly and permanently reach their weight loss goals. ‘As Thin As You Think’ will help you reclaim your power to make healthy food choices and unlock the door to:

  • Permanent and pain-free weight loss
  • A lifelong healthy relationship with food AND with yourself
  • Understanding the power of your subconscious mind to create lasting change
  • Removing faulty beliefs that are holding you back
  • Easy tools, techniques and strategies that assure your success

“Kristin’s book was a real eye-opener for me! For the first time ever, I was able to connect past weight gain with specific physical or emotional events – and even better I’ve been able to release those emotions and detach from the events totally. Proof that this works is that I lost eight pounds in three weeks by making just three changes in my normal routine.”

– Mary Stoffel Author of ‘The Practical Power of Shamanism: Heal your life, loves and losses’

“Kristin has written a practical, emotionally engaging, genuinely helpful guide to weight loss that does what others don’t: it gets to the root of the overeating. If you truly want this to be your last weight loss experience, you must read As Thin As You Think.”

– Tina Feigal, M.S., Ed. – Owner, Parent Coach, Trainer | Center for the Challenging Child, LLC

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Package 2: The Book + The CD

Sorry, this item is currently unavailable

1. As Thin As You Think: Discovering the Keys to Unlocking Your Weight Loss Power

(Description above)



2. Weight Loss Hypnosis CD

A background of soothing music accompanies powerful affirmations and visualizations to help you curb your appetite, eat nutritious food and eliminate emotional triggers to eating.

Kristin’s Weight Loss Hypnosis CD, featuring suggestions for self esteem, energy and exercise, will help you stay motivated and content throughout your weight loss program. This is an excellent complement to the book, As Thin As You Think.


Package 3: The Book + The CD + 3 Telephone Sessions with Kristin

Sorry, this item is currently unavailable

1. As Thin As You Think: Discovering the Keys to Unlocking Your Weight Loss Power

(Description above)


2. Weight Loss Hypnosis CD

(Description above)


3. Three 90-minute telephone sessions with Kristin

In the comfort and privacy of your home, invite Kristin to help you effortlessly reach your weight loss goals. Your telephone sessions with Kristin will include evaluation of your individual needs, focused coaching, and powerful hypnosis sessions that will program your mind for success. Let Kristin show you how much fun losing weight can be!

“With Kristin’s help I lost 25 pounds without exercise and have effortlessly kept the weight off.”

– Jim Claffey. Mahtomedi, Minnesota

“I lost 9 pounds the first week of my program with Kristin. I can’t emphasize enough how simple it is. Kristin’s techniques are amazing!”

– Liz Dickinson, Cannon Falls, Minnesota

“With Kristin’s program, I have lost a total of 86 pounds so far and I am only 17 pounds from my original goal!” Cindy Stunek, Baxter, Minnesota “My experience with Kristin has been nothing but positive. Her combination of nutritional counseling and hypnotherapy has made losing a lifetime of poor eating habits and excess weight very easy. The weight is melting off of me! I don’t know why I waited so long to do this.”

– Sue Smart, Ham Lake, MN

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"This book has worked for me."
By Jim94 on May 24, 2012

"This book has really worked for me and I continue to refer back to it, for it's wisdom. You will find no magic foods or diets, only tools and training to achieve weight loss success. It took a couple of readings before I could open up and write down my feelings. Kristen gently leads you to deal with the reasons you overeat. I have lost 100 lbs and continue to keep it off with exercise and the tools in "As Thin as You Think"."

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