Say Yes To Success

When my sons were little, they enjoyed many summer vacations on the New Jersey shore. One warm afternoon, they joined their cousins and aunts for an outing to catch crabs […]

Accepting “What Is”

I’ve had a bit of writer’s block this past week. Sitting day after day at my computer in my office, the words simply refused to flow and I felt stuck […]

Never Give Up

Scene 1: The basketball court at Ball State University’s Welcome Week event this August – An 18-year-old incoming college freshman, who never played basketball in high school, is about to […]

Redefining Comfort Foods

By Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed., CCH As a hypno therapist who understands the power of words and images to both heal and disable, I become concerned when I hear people […]

New Beginnings

A few weeks ago I had one of those “moments”. A frozen-in-time event that would be forever stamped in my mind and heart. I stood in the driveway, waving good-bye […]

Accepting Change

Dear Subscribers, Is the change of seasons stressing you or inspiring you? We’ve had a gorgeous Fall this year in Minnesota. The red leaves peaked about three weeks ago and […]

Google Your Mind

I was recently back at yoga class after a 3 week break and gosh, it was difficult. I felt stiff and weak. At one particularly strenuous moment, laying face down […]

My Attitude Adjustment Moment

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go”. T.S Eliot When you were growing up, were you ever told, “Better safe than […]


My session with you was remarkable. I feel more confident in every area of my life and I now react to work events with healthy assertiveness. I have less emotional […]

As Happy As You Think

I would like to share with you the story of an unexpected and unforgettable encounter with a young woman named Sarah. Waiting with crowds of people for train connections in […]

Fading Away Frustration

We all can relate to how a perfectly calm day can suddenly turn into chaos, taking us from peaceful to panicky in mere minutes. For example how would you react […]

Keeping Resolutions

Dear Subscribers, Happy 2014! I hope the new year has already brought you much happiness and inspiration. With every new year comes renewal of optimism and a desire to make […]

Are Food Cravings Bossing You Around?

I sometimes jokingly refer to the Minnesota State Fair, held in late August and early September each year, as the unofficial beginning of the holiday binge eating season! Although some […]

Erasing Fear

When asked if he ever feels fear: “I feel what you feel.  You name if fear.  I name it call for action.”  Moretei Veshiba, Founder of Akido As I write […]

The Real Truth About Chocolate

February is traditionally known as the month of love and chocolate (or is it the love of chocolate?). The new year is barely underway before we become inundated with commercials […]

Making Time for Life

A rule of thumb that I have learned is that whenever I start hearing my inner voice complaining that I simply don’t have time for a break or a vacation, […]