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Breathing Exercises for Instant Calm

Looking for a quick and easy way to relax whenever you wish? You don’t need an hour of mediation or yoga to bring you into a state of calm. Just breathe! Slow deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress. It increases oxygen flow to every cell of your body, lowers heart […]

Achieving Inner Peace With Hypnosis

When I learned about the healing power of hypnosis several years ago, I began to incorporate it in my wellness coaching sessions and have been offering it to my clients ever since.   What I love about hypnosis is how easy it is to achieve, allowing us to feel the joy and relief of being […]

Changing Habits With Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful form of mental rehearsal conducted while in a state of deep and pleasant relaxation.  When you’re deeply relaxed, the subconscious mind, where habits are formed and stored, is accessible and open to receive suggestions for change. Because the subconscious stores, views and accesses past memories and future thoughts as clearly and […]

Why Diets Fail

Are you frustrated with yo-yo dieting and extreme diets? Diets alone often don’t work in the long run because they fail to address the emotional components of overeating. By learning how to deal with sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that often derail the best of intentions, you can experience a weight loss journey with confidence and […]

Can I Be Hypnotized?

One of the most common statements I hear from new clients is “I’m not sure I can be hypnotized”.   Actually, hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all go in and out of several times a day. You’re commonly in a state of hypnosis while watching tv, engrossed in a good book or working […]

A Powerful Technique to End Emotional Eating

Visualization is a technique of mentally rehearsing in advance new behaviors and reactions to emotional triggers. In this way, you can power up your ability to respond to emotions without reaching for food. Starting today, visualize and imagine making healthy behavior choices for the next time your trigger emotions flare. For instance, mentally see yourself […]

Hypnosis and Weight Loss: Yes! It Works!

Many people eat for comfort or to relieve stress, which can become a life-long problem. We can also get addicted to refined carbs and sugar, which contributes to weight gain and a lack of motivation and energy to exercise. Hypnosis helps neutralize the triggers that impact your eating habits: You learn how to identify and […]

The Cupcake Button

Someone dear to me recently revealed that she’s been holding a grudge about a comment I once made. Not only was I deeply saddened by this, but I was surprised to learn it occurred almost 30 years ago. It pained me to know I had inadvertently hurt her feelings and that I hadn’t had the […]

A Hungry Young Man

It was the first sweltering day this summer and the misery of near 100 degree temperatures and high humidity was intensified by road construction gridlock. I was at a red light in bumper to bumper traffic when I spotted a disheveled young man standing on the center road platform at a major busy street in […]

Freeing Yourself From Emotional Pain

Are there people or situations in your life causing you emotional pain? Does it sometimes feel like you’re being bullied or attacked by the outside world? I have an antidote that always works for me. Although it can be difficult to do when you’re feeling attacked or wrongly accused, I assure you it’s worth the […]

Lose Weight On Vacation? Definitely!

Does traveling for work or vacation cause you to sabotage your weight loss efforts?  Are you lugging home extra pounds with your luggage? You’re not alone.  Food and beverage temptations, along with the “let’s live it up, we’re on vacation!”  attitude can easily derail our healthy eating plans. I had the good fortune to attend […]

The Law of Abundance

Like many of you, holiday shopping is bringing me to the mall quite often. Out of habit, I always park by JC Penny. Starting at Thanksgiving every year for as long as I can remember, the same Salvation Army volunteer is stationed there ringing his bell by his donation kettle. He greets each shopper with […]

What Your Food Cravings Mean About You (and How to Control Them)

Several years ago in my forties, I found myself overweight and very unhealthy. Dieting, hunger and cravings kept me miserable and hopeless.  At my darkest moment, I decided there MUST be a way to get thin again and to stay thin without extreme measures and hunger. My desperation led me to research the underlying emotional […]

Overcoming Worry

Like you, I have my fair share of worries.  Or, should I say, I have my fair share of thoughts that, left unchecked, can persuade me to believe I have things to worry about. Indeed, worry and anxiety seem to be increasing during these current times. The constant projection by the media of scary things […]

The Memory Keepers

Many years ago, when my mother-in-law, Eleanor, was in her early 80’s she made a startling comment. She said she was lonely. This was startling to hear because Eleanor was seldom  alone. Her daughter, Margie, lived with her and she enjoyed regular visits from her four other children and dozens of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Seeing […]

Taking a Pause

How’s your stress level lately? Many of us are feeling the pace of modern life depleting our energy faster than we can replenish it. Sadly, constant anxiety is starting to be viewed as normal and inescapable. One day several years ago, I had an “aha” moment that forever changed how I viewed anxiety. It was […]

Waking Up to Insomnia

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back asleep? “Nocturnal awakening”, as it’s called, affects over one-third of adults, causing considerable exhaustion and anxiety. But what if I told you that this type of sleep pattern is not only normal but can also be helpful? Before […]

Instructions for Life

While tackling Fall cleaning in my home office recently, I came upon an email I received and printed (and subsequently stored and forgotten about) in March of 2000.  Meant as lessons for humanity as we entered the new millennium, the email article featured the Dalai Lama’s INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIFE.  Almost 15 years into the 21st […]

Ghana Trip

I had an amazing time traveling in Ghana with my brother, Tyler, and his girlfriend, Amelia. A beautiful country of dignified, welcoming people, Ghana is considered one of the safest African countries to visit. However, traveling in any developing country can really test your patience, as many amenities we take for granted, like running water […]

Your Life Purpose

My grandmothers, Lucille and Angela, endured many hardships in life, including the Great Depression, World War II, and in the case of Lucille, the tragic accidental death of her beloved husband at the age of 30. Since government subsidies were lacking at that time, Lucille took work in a factory to support her two young […]

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