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Ghana Trip

I had an amazing time traveling in Ghana with my brother, Tyler, and his girlfriend, Amelia. A beautiful country of dignified, welcoming people, Ghana is considered one of the safest African countries to visit. However, traveling in any developing country can really test your patience, as many amenities we take for granted, like running water […]

Your Life Purpose

My grandmothers, Lucille and Angela, endured many hardships in life, including the Great Depression, World War II, and in the case of Lucille, the tragic accidental death of her beloved husband at the age of 30. Since government subsidies were lacking at that time, Lucille took work in a factory to support her two young […]

Erasing Fear

When asked if he ever feels fear: “I feel what you feel. You name if fear. I name it call for action.” Moretei Veshiba, Founder of Akido As I write this article, I am reflecting on the multitude of global hardships that are occurring on a daily basis. No matter how positive the eventual out […]

How Often are You Saying the “S word” (as in “stress”)?

I recently decided to do an experiment with myself: I made a conscious effort to eliminate the word “stress” from my inner and outer speech and to witness the effect on my mood. To my delight, I found that when I normally would have said, “I’m so stressed” I instead said, “I’m happy being busy” […]

Say Yes To Success

When my sons were little, they enjoyed many summer vacations on the New Jersey shore. One warm afternoon, they joined their cousins and aunts for an outing to catch crabs for dinner. Tossing the live crabs into a bucket, the little children noticed that despite frenzied attempts, the crabs never escaped the bucket even without […]

Accepting “What Is”

I’ve had a bit of writer’s block this past week. Sitting day after day at my computer in my office, the words simply refused to flow and I felt stuck and frustrated. Then I remembered how making a change in my routine can often spark my creative energy. So I packed up my laptop and […]

Yes! Weight Loss Can Be Easy And Permanent! (And Why Diets Don’t Work)

It is said that you only need to change 3% of what you are doing, for the rest of your life to begin changing. In the past decade we have been saturated with dieting information. We all know that sugar, transfats and lack of exercise are bad for us. With all of the information available, […]

The Real Truth About Chocolate

February is traditionally known as the month of love and chocolate (or is it the love OF chocolate?). The new year is barely underway before we become inundated with commercials and tv shows on buying, baking with, giving and eating chocolate. Our guilt in overindulging is conveniently assuaged with “research findings” extolling the health benefits […]

Never Give Up

Scene 1: The basketball court at Ball State University’s Welcome Week event this August – An 18-year-old incoming college freshman, who never played basketball in high school, is about to take his fourth and final try at sinking a half-course shot. The stakes are high: making this basket would award him a semester of out-of-state […]

Redefining Comfort Foods

By Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed., CCH As a hypno therapist who understands the power of words and images to both heal and disable, I become concerned when I hear people referring to junk food as “comfort food.” If you are struggling with food cravings, remember that you have your own hypnotherapist in your head (called […]

New Beginnings

A few weeks ago I had one of those “moments”. A frozen-in-time event that would be forever stamped in my mind and heart. I stood in the driveway, waving good-bye to my youngest son, Joe, as he left home for a new life in California. Walking into my house, now an empty nest for the […]

November Newsletter 2

Dear Subscribers, Is the change of seasons stressing you or inspiring you? We’ve had a gorgeous Fall this year in Minnesota. The red leaves peaked about three weeks ago and now the yellow leaves are glittering like gold coins in bright sunshine. But with the colorful beauty comes the dimming daylight and shorter days. Like […]

Google Your Mind

I was recently back at yoga class after a 3 week break and gosh, it was difficult. I felt stiff and weak. At one particularly strenuous moment, laying face down on my yoga mat, attempting to do the Bow Pose (picture turning your body into an inside out circle, holding on to your feet and […]

My Attitude Adjustment Moment

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go”. T.S Eliot When you were growing up, were you ever told, “Better safe than sorry”? If so, you may have innocently internalized this thought and unconsciously allowed it to stop you from taking risks and enjoying life-expanding opportunities. Every […]

Making Time For Life

A rule of thumb that I have learned is that whenever I start hearing my inner voice complaining that I simply don’t have time for a break or a vacation, I take it as a sure sign that I NEED one and try to make space for it. How about you? Open your appointment book […]

How to Lose Weight on Vacation

Does traveling for work or vacation cause you to sabotage your weight loss efforts? Are you lugging home extra pounds with your luggage? You’re not alone. Food and beverage temptations, along with the “let’s live it up, we’re on vacation!” attitude can easily derail our healthy eating plans. I had the good fortune to attend […]

December 2012

Like many of you, holiday shopping is bringing me to the mall quite often. Out of habit (and a desire to eliminate the hassle of memorizing where I’ve parked my car), I always park by JC Pennys. Starting at Thanksgiving every year for as long as I can remember, a Salvation Army volunteer is stationed […]

As Happy As You Think

I would like to share with you the story of an unexpected and unforgettable encounter with a young woman named Sarah. Waiting with crowds of people for train connections in Penn Station during a recent working vacation on the east coast, Sarah caught my eye. Despite a lingering heat wave of near 100 degrees, she […]

Fading Away Frustration

We all can relate to how a perfectly calm day can suddenly turn into chaos, taking us from peaceful to panicky in mere minutes. For example how would you react to the following situations? Guests are arriving to the big outdoor party you’ve been planning for months and it unexpectedly begins to rain, drenching your […]

January Newsletter

Dear Subscribers, Happy 2014! I hope the new year has already brought you much happiness and inspiration. With every new year comes renewal of optimism and a desire to make positive changes. A study I recently read revealed that while many people who make new years resolutions break them (46% of resolutions are maintained after […]

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