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Creating Balance

Dealing With Life Stress and Burnout

Discover Proven Steps To:

  • Instant Calm
  • Renewed Energy
  • Emotional and Physical Health

Go from “out of balance” and into “balance” today!

  • Are you feeling pressured by work demands? Kids? Relationships? Money or health problems?
  • Is your happiness being squeezed right out of you by the daily demands of life?
  • Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels, getting nothing in return but fatigue and burnout?
  • Does the current “culture of speed” make you feel victimized, anxious and overwhelmed?

High levels of stress make us irritable, angry and accident-prone. A stressed out brain simply can’t think clearly and actually has impaired memory and learning abilities. Over time, stress severely compromises our immune system, causing illness, chronic fatigue, accelerated aging and even depression.

In fact, research done at the Stanford Medical School claims that over 95% of all illness and disease is linked to stress! What’s more, these claims have been substantiated by other reputable sources, such as The American Medical Association, Mayo Clinic, the Yale Stress Center, Harvard Medical School and more.

The good news is that you can cleanse the stress that is robbing you of inner peace and good health.  You can start living a life that is fulfilling, self-nurturing and calm, starting today!

Kristin’s unique program will teach you:

  • How to take your stress thoughts and turn them into coping thoughts
  • How to stop “awfulizing” and “catastrophizing” about life and adopt a “go with the flow” attitude.
  • How to cleanse your self talk of the tension-producing words “need to”, “have to”, “must”
  • Learn five instant stress relievers that really work each and every time!

As an added bonus, you will receive Kristin’s Easy Steps To Calm that you can start using right away!

You don’t need to wait for the outside world to change before you find peace of mind! The key to enjoying peace of mind lies within you right now! Let Kristin help you discover and uncover your power to stay calm even in the midst of chaos!

Here are some comments from Kristin’s event participants:

“It was amazing to focus and bring myself to such a point of relaxation with Kristin’s guided imagery.  This seminar was the BEST!”   C.H.  Middletown, NJ

“Kristin’s Stress Release program has changed my life.  I’m more relaxed and calm, have found a peaceful, serene part of me and have a more centered, focused view on life.  I cannot thank you enough, Kristin.  You, without a doubt, have literally saved my life.”  Mary N.  Washington, DC

“I love how your seminars give me peace and hope, Kristin.  Thank you!”  Joe K,  St Paul, MN

“Kristin made a very relaxed atmosphere between her soothing voice and how she got her message across. Her CDs allows me to continue the experience at home.”  L.R. Cranberry, NJ

Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed. of New Health Visions LLC has over thirty years experience helping people turn “out-of-control” into “self-control”.  Backed by degrees in research psychology and counseling and many successful years as a therapist and educator, Kristin can teach you effective ways to get your life back into balance, how to instantly release stress and become the calm, in control person you want to be!

Kristin’s presentations are unique, experiential, fun and very informative.  You will leave her event feeling renewed, refreshed and armed with life changing tools for better living.

A Note From Kristin:  “Let me help you get off the emotional roller coaster and on to the road of calm, order and inner peace. Isn’t it time to cleanse away the stress and feel in control again?”

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2233 N. Hamline Ave.  Roseville, MN 55113


Please send a check payment to:
New Health Visions
c/o Kristin Volk Funk
2233 N. Hamline Ave. Suite #513
Roseville, MN 55113

Disclaimer: The testimonials on this website are from real clients, but do not guarantee any specific results. Results may vary from person to person.

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