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Kristin’s guided self-hyponosis audio recordings are available as both downloadable MP3 files and physical audio CDs.

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD Program

No Weight Gain. No Unpleasant Withdrawal Symptoms. Guaranteed! This Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD Program has helped thousands of individuals give up smoking. Click here to learn about Kristin 9 Out of 10 quit immediately. Join the thousands of people who are now enjoying a healthy, smoke free life thanks to this Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD […]

Weight Loss Hypnosis CD & MP3

Take control of your eating habits with my weight loss hypnosis CD! A background of soothing music accompanies powerful affirmations and visualizations to help you curb your appetite, eat nutritious food and eliminate emotional triggers to eating. My Weight Loss Hypnosis CD, featuring suggestions for self esteem, energy and exercise, will help you stay motivated […]

Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD & MP3

Have you been trying to quit smoking but find it difficult, if not impossible, to do so? Have you tried patches, drugs and nicotine gum without success? Do you substitute food for cigarettes when you quit smoking? There is hope! My stop smoking hypnosis CD can make quitting smoking amazingly easy and without having to […]

Stress Relief Hypnosis CD & MP3

My Stress Relief Hypnosis CD is designed to release stored tension and anxiety and to promote inner peace and reflection, this recording will leave you feeling deeply relaxed. Allow yourself to be gently guided to soothing places of peace and serenity, surrounded by a healing light, and lulled into a beautifully relaxed mental and physical […]

Relaxation Techniques Hypnosis CD

My Relaxation Techniques Hypnosis Download MP3 has five Easy and Effective Techniques for Stress Reduction. Relax and allow each track to guide you in effective step-by-step techniques for deep and soothing relaxation: Breathing Techniques To Release Tension 15:02 Progressive Muscle Relaxation 9:32 One-Minute Visualizations 5:14 Self Talk to Calm 4:41 Guided Visualization: Beach Scene 8:50 […]

End Insomnia Hypnosis CD

Do worry and anxiety keep you up at night? Do you awaken in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep? Listening to my End Insomnia Hypnosis CD can help you drift with ease into a deep and restful sleep and program your mind and body to remain asleep all night. Affirmations for […]

Inner Peace Hypnosis CD

You can experience deep peace even in the midst of challenging and hectic life situations. My Inner Peace Hypnosis CD will help you to become more aware of the presence of stillness and calm that reside within and to carry this peaceful presence throughout your everyday life. Let go of the past and live in […]

Self Esteem and Confidence Hypnosis CD

Low self esteem and lack of confidence can be serious barriers on our road to success and happiness. Feeling worthy of success is the first step to moving forward in life and embracing the abundance that surrounds us all. The Self Esteem and Confidence Hypnosis CD is helpful for anyone suffering from: Public speaking anxiety […]

Healing and Pain Control Hypnosis CD

The Healing and Pain Control Hypnosis CD features progressive muscle relaxation, healing light visualization and affirmations for inner peace, hope and healing. Designed for those experiencing chronic or acute pain, or for those receiving medical treatment for illness, this recording applies the findings of years of research showing that a focused mind and a relaxed […]

Successful Parenting Hypnosis CD

Give yourself a break from the hectic routine and stress that you face daily as a parent with my Successful Parenting Hypnosis CD;. While drifting in a relaxed mental and physical state, listen to affirmations and suggestions designed by a licensed parent educator to help you respond to the most challenging parenting situations with patience, […]

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New Health Visions Full Line of Hypnosis Audios

Our time-tested and highly effective hypnosis audios will allow you to experience life-changing self-hypnosis in the comfort of your home or office.  Our hypnosis MP3 downloads can be purchased and used immediately to get you started on your self- improvement journey.   However, if you prefer to not use the MP3 format,  CD's can easily and quickly be mailed to your home.