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*Disclaimer: These testimonials are from real clients, but do not guarantee any specific results. Results may vary from person to person.

Hear What Our Clients Say

Read What Our Clients Say

Hi Kristin, I’m calling to let you know how well I’m doing after my second session with you. My sugar addiction is completely manageable and I’m losing 1.5 pounds per week. It’s working and I’m thrilled! Thank you so much.

— Don, Minneapolis, MN, July 2020

Kristin, It’s been 4 years and my wife and I are both still not smoking, thanks to you.

— Greg, Saint Paul, MN, March 2020

Hi Kristin! My wife and I and even our dog fall asleep every night listening to your End Insomnia CD! It’s great!

— Paul, Minneapolis, MN, March 2020

Kristin, In just 2 weeks after my session with you I lost 15 pounds! Also, my blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels dropped significantly! The best part is that it was easy!

— Kim, Minneapolis, MN, March 2020

Hi Kristin! I am down 35 pounds since I saw you at the beginning of September and the weight is still coming off with ease. My hives, fibromyalgia pain and aches are still gone and I have noticed a change in my gum health for the better. I no longer need as much caffeine and my doctor wants to see about lowering my thyroid medication dose. Again, thank you!

— Jen Wolf, December 2019

Hello Kristin! You helped me quit smoking 10 years ago and I wanted to call you to thank you so much.

— Paul, Minneapolis, MN, May 2019

Hi Kristin,  Just wanted to give you a quick update, I haven’t smoked since our last appointment, so I’m cigarette free for 3 weeks today and I haven’t drank in 2 weeks, not even on the weekends. With all of these little changes I have lost 5 pounds without actively trying to lose any weight. Good stuff!! Thanks for your help!!

— Pam, March 2019

It will be 7 weeks tomorrow when I visited you for my session and it has been wonderful.  I am down 16 pounds! Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results.

— Barbara, March 2019

I want to thank you, Kristin. This has been the hardest time of my life, and I could not have started on the road to healing without your help. You taught me so much about how to use my mind as an ally instead of the enemy.

— M.C., March 2019

Dear Kristin, I am officially 2 years and 1 month smoke free!  I am so happy to live the smoke free life and I would never be here if it wasn’t for you!  Thank you!! Wishing you many blessings!

— Angela, March 2019

It’s been one month since our appointment and I have to report that I haven’t smoked a single cigarette! Thank you endlessly for the gift of health. Hope all is well with you as you continue to heal others, you have inspired me!

— Breanna Radatz, January 2019

Kristin, It’s my one year anniversary smoke free – thank you so much! I LOVE being a non-smoker!

— Angie Chandler, Minneapolis, MN, February 2018

My son, who has been in a slump since the start of baseball season, listened to your recording on sports performance before his game yesterday. They started a tournament with that game, so he’s on his third game since listening. Over the course of these three games, he has made several great (and creative!) plays, he’s gotten on base 3/4 at-bats, and has had no errors. A true turn around story. THANK YOU!!

— Minnesota Parent, June 2017

Just a quick thank you for helping me quit smoking 4 years ago. One session and I haven’t smoked since. Just wanted to give you that feedback and to thank you.

— Susan, January 2017

Saturday’s class, Letting Go Of Sugar and Carbs Cravings, was excellent! My crazy food cravings are now under control. Thank you so much!

— Judith, November 2016

I was able to completely quit my gin addiction in just one session with you, Kristin. My second session allowed me to release the driving anxiety I’ve been suffering from for years. Thank you!*

– Ann, Minneapolis, MN, May 2015

Kristin, It’s been 4 years since my husband and I quit smoking with one session and I want to thank you so much. We are healthier and wealthier because of you.*

– Melissa, May 2015

Hi Kristin,

Well, nearly 13 years later and I’m still not smoking! I remember calling you one cold Saturday many years ago, asking when you could see me. I walked in at 11:30 the following Monday, we had our session and I haven’t smoked since. I have sent many people to you over the years, and many have also been able to quit, without the mood swings, the eating binges, or the white knuckle sweats. Thank you, thank you, thank you.*

– Brian, Saint Paul, MN, May 2015

Hello Kristin, I came to see you 2 months ago and am happy to say that I’ve been been a non-smoker since the session. Thank you, Kristin!*

– Mary, Saint Paul, MN, April 2015

You have genuinely helped transform my life!!! I honestly can’t thank you enough!*

– Skype Client, London, UK, February 2015

I can’t recommend Kristin enough – very effective, very worthwhile, if you want to change she’s a real kickstarter.*

– Ross, London, UK, February 2015

I just had my first ever writing published and was thinking of you.  I wanted to say thank you for your encouragement in that area and all others!*

– Mary, February 2015

I’ve been experiencing excruciating pain with a tooth problem  Your hypnosis mp3 is the only thing that has been providing relief.  And, it is providing very much relief.  What a gift to me.  Thank you.*

– Susan, Saint Paul, MN, January 2015

5 months, fifteen days and still not smoking. Yea!!!!!!!! I’m referring two friends.*

– Russ, Minnesota, January 2015

My session with you was remarkable. I feel more confident in every area of my life and I now react to work events with healthy assertiveness. I have less emotional baggage after just one session. I can’t believe the change in myself!*

– John, New York, NY, March 2014

I have suffered with insomnia for about 11 years. I would put in a full day at work, running an office, responsible for a staff of 42 people, supporting the president and CEO of a corporation in Washington DC. By the time I got home, my body was exhausted, but my mind would continue to race. At night, I would worry so intensely about sleeping that I would fear it. Bedtime was scary for me.

I read so many books about insomnia and spent thousands of dollars on new beds promising me a good nights’sleep but nothing worked. I was at the end of my rope. I used and abused sleeping aids, over the counter drugs, prescription drugs and I still did not sleep. On a typical night, I would take 5 Excedrin Pms and 1 or 2 Ambiens. If that didn’t work, I’d take a Xanax and/or Benadryl. This frightening ritual was just about every night of the week. Any sleep I did get with these drugs left me feeling groggy and tired.

Recently, my best friend sent me Kristin Volk Funk’s tape, with a handwritten note that said, ‘Here is the hypnosis tape, for Gods sake DON’T LISTEN TO IT WHILE DRIVING- IT’S HYPNOSIS!’ I smiled and smirked at the same time. “AS IF, I thought to myself, like this is going to work on me!! With my high tolerance I thought this would be just one more thing to prove that I am a non-sleeping freak of nature. Another failure. Nonetheless, I promised myself that I would listen to it that night. I listened and really, REALLY liked it! I felt a warm calming feeling slowly come over me. I LOVE THIS WOMAN’S VOICE!! I felt ‘light’, like the weight of the world had been taken off my shoulders.

The next thing I remember it was morning and I felt GREAT! I had slept the entire night through, without ANY drugs or medications and I felt WONDERFUL!

To be perfectly honest, I was a non-believer and thought myself to be non-hypnotizable, but I have listened to this tape every night since then and have peacefully drifted off into a tranquil, deep, MUCH NEEDED sleep. Thank you, Kristin!*

– Mary, Washington, Washington DC

Hi Kristin! I just wanted to call you to say thank you for all you’ve done. I am just ecstatic and so happy. Thank you again for everything…for taking the time to listen and for helping me. I don’t think I could ever say thank you enough. Thank you again and again!*

– Client, Minneapolis, MN

I was getting almost no sleep at night because of hot flashes. Now I just listen to your Stress Release CD during the day and I feel refreshed and focused. You should rename your recording the Menopause Tape!*

– KB, New York, NY

I had one session with Kristin over eight years ago to quit smoking and I have been smoke free ever since. My whole family has come to see Kristin for their issues and she’s been able to help us all. She’s great!*

– Client, Saint Paul, MN

Dear Kristin, Thank you for your workshops in Personal Growth and in Pain Management. Our patients love your work and your recordings!*

– Sports Care and Physical Rehabilitation, Little Silver, NJ

*Disclaimer: These testimonials are from real clients, but do not guarantee any specific results. Results may vary from person to person.

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